We are a clinic with difference. We feel that each individual is unique and hence requires a different treatment for his or her dental problems. We spend time and effort, to precisely find this difference, at consultation and diagnosis stage before embarking on the actual treatment. We believe that the difference lies in detailing. Through use of different instruments and state of art machinery, we are able to find the condition of your teeth to the last millimetre and follow evidence based practice methods.

Our in house team

  • Dr. Kamala Kakumanu, General and Restorative Dentist
  • Dr. Ritika Aggarwal, General Dentist
  • Dr. Apoorva Thakur, General Dentist
  • Dr. Preeti Suhag, General Dentist

Our Specialists

  • Dr. Bijoyesh Marda, Oral Maxilla Facial Surgeon
  • Dr. Nikhil Grover, Pediatric Dentist
  • Dr. Puja, Orthodontist
  • Dr. Ambika Chawla, Gum Specialist