Sound sterilization practices in dentistry protect patients, dentists and the whole dental team. We follow strict infection control protocols to meet the international standards for each and every patient.

Steps of sterilization protocol at Dental Sterilization:

  • Cleaning with water: Instruments are immediately cleaned with water after using them to clean saliva and biological debris like blood and are soaked in enzymatic cleaning solution
  • Manual scrubbing:  Instruments are manually scrubbed
  • Ultrasonic cleaning: This cleans the instruments by passing sound waves through disinfectant
  • Drying of instruments: The instruments are dried thoroughly
  • Packing: The instruments are packed in pouches and sealed. Each pouch has chemical indicator to ensure proper sterilization
  • Loading into autoclave: The packed instruments are loaded into the 'Melag' autoclave.

Comfortable Waiting

  • The moment you enter our clinic, calming sound of Zen cascading water fall and warm smile of our friendly front desk will welcome you/greet you
  • Our ever helping/empathetic team of compassionate Doctors and Assistants are happy to listen to all your dental problems and provide best possible treatment plan along with detailed explanation of the treatment procedures
  • Our appointments are well spaced and timed. But if you are just accompanying the patient…you can enjoy the soothing music and a hot cup of coffee while waiting
  • Our clinic’s soothing music will help you feel at ease or during all your dental treatment procedures
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